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A summary of our reward program.

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Our reward program is relatively straightforward:


There are 3 memberships; Standard, Premium and VIP.

After onboarding all users start with the Standard membership. Users can update their profile by staking a number of Damex tokens. An update in the profile will immediately allow users to benefit from the rewards & perks in accordance with membership

please note: the membership has nothing to do with #steps or challenges achieved


Users can boost their rewards or discounts by completing a number of challenges. Having 3 challenges for Standard membership and 5 for Premium or VIP users.

Level of reward or discount

The level of reward or discount is based on the user’s steps and the end of the preceding month.

Meaning, the number of steps annexe challenge achieved at the end of the previous month will be reflected in the level of rewards/discounts for the following month.

The Damex card is an optional feature we offer to all customers regardless of steps/challenges, but in order to collect cashback on card spending, which is one of the perks of the program, users require to order & activate a card first.

You also can check our Terms & Conditions.

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