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The app isn't counting my steps. (just for Android users)

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If you can't see your steps updating in Damex app, there are a few things that you could check on your own device.

Can you see your steps in the Google Fit app? Knowing this, we can understand if the problem is Google Fit or the Damex app.

If Google Fit is showing the steps accordingly:

1. On the Damex app, click the profile icon (open side menu) > accounts > preferences > Unlink Google Fit
2. Uninstall the Damex app and install it again.
3. Login again
4. Configure biometrics again
5. Connect Google Fit again

If after checking the Google Fit app in step #1 user notices the Google Fit app is the one not showing any steps:
You'll need to troubleshoot Google Fit and follow this guide.

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